I was born Nathan Bowers and was raised in Orlando, Florida. As a youth, I faced a difficult childhood. At the tender age of one, I tragically lost my father to the streets of Holden Heights aka “Cross Town,” a suburb of Orlando, Florida. In Orlando, my family and I frequently experienced hard economic times in a working class society.

                    Like other people in my neighborhood, I became a product of my environment. My mother struggled to support for her family by working two or three jobs to make ends meet. Due to lack of money management skills, I was not able to manage my finances. Money seemed to come and go. Without a male authority present to help me manage money and guide me in life in my impressionable years, I made poor choices in my teenage years.

                    As a result, I was incarcerated for several years in prison: it was the best thing that happened to me. While in prison, I chose to educate myself to make me a better person. I read numerous books on classical literature to help improve my reading, writing, and penmanship.

 I felt rapping was the most effective way to convey my artistic expressions to others not only while i was in, but also after I was released from prison. Drawing upon personal inspiration from Tupac Shakur and Houston’s Scarface’s musical talents, I blend their styles with mine to create my own unique style of the awesome DeuceDeuce407 u see now.

Today, I have surrounded myself with loving family and devoted fans that have inspirited me to continue to perform. By listening to the advice of others, they have empowered me with information to make informed choices that have advanced my musical career.

                Drawing upon my difficult childhood experiences, I use them now to educate the general public and to provide exciting music for fans everywhere.